Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyone should read this book

I read this book almost a year ago, but was reminded of it reading some magazine article about the author. I really cannot say enough how important this book is. It opened my eyes to so many things that happen in this world that we as consumers have the power to change. This book changed the vision for my business, to keep all production local and use organic fabrics amongst many other things. She speaks a lot about the counterfeit market, and some of the stories are heartbreaking. The one that will always stick with me is when she describes her visit to a small factory, where children were sitting on the floor sewing. Their legs had been broken and tied in place so they would never heal, just because they asked to go outside to play.

I used to work at a children's wear company as a graphic designer, and some of the staff would go on visits to our factories in China to meet with all the people who manufactured our clothing. I was shocked to hear some of the stories from our factories, which are apparently by comparison, some of the best. In one particular factory they do not turn any lights on during the day in order to save electricity, and for seats the workers have a metal bar. Some padded theirs with fabric scraps.

I while ago I decided to ban myself completely from discount mass-produced clothing that I did not know the origins of. I struggle with it, but hands down I much prefer to save my pennies for things that are a good quality, locally or ethically produced and use organic materials, as these are things I know I will treasure for years to come. Disposable fashion is both irresponsible and immoral, and I cannot bring myself to be a part of it.


Gaby and Jane said...

Ohhh, Gaby I must read this.

Heidi and Seek said...

Good on you for banning mass-produced clothing consumption! I did this too and I don't feel that I'm missing out on anything - actually my wardrobe looks better for it.

Thanks for getting this topic out there. It's an important one, and it baffles me how fashion brands have made people so used to the way things are that they don't know or care enough to make changes to their purchases.

thingomatic said...

I think sometimes it's so shocking people find it hard to accept it is true. No-one wants to believe these things happen, and that their actions perpetuate these circumstances.

Also, it can be hard for some people to know how to change their habits. More education would be needed to make big changes.

Kali said...

Well done. I, for one, am proud of you. So many times money wins out over morals...

Plaidfuzz said...

That is awesome that you are bringing attention to this! It definitely gives me a kick in the pants to take a look at where my things are coming from.

lyptis said...

So true!

I try, and im pretty good at it, to avoid cheep chainstores and sweatshop crap at all costs!

I Hate Hate Hate them, sweatshops that is!

I wish more people wud understand how important it is to make those choices/changes with ur money!!